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A Back Bay Fitness Palace This Way Comes

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Memorial Day.

It’s the official start of the most shirt-optional time of the year.

And it’s nigh.


So is BFX Studio, a subterranean fitness chamber where you’ll box, sweat and get acquainted with a 3D body scanner, opening June 1 in Back Bay and now taking reservations for a week of gratis classes beginning May 26. (Here’s a slideshow.)

This looks like the kind of high-end sweateria you’d find in downtown Manhattan or something. Which makes sense, because they’ve already opened two there. Ready to move on? We’ll move on.

You’ve got three different studios to work with. There’s Master Class, where you’ll partake in group activities like punching bags and swinging kettlebells around. Then there’s Ride Republic, which you may be unsurprised to learn is an indoor cycling studio. Lastly, there’s Private Sessions, where you’ll do things like run on an engineless, curved treadmill or bench-press with a trainer or by yourself.

But... about that 3D body scanner. It’s called Fit3D, and it’s the first in the state. It takes one 30-second scan and then emails you 22 circumference measurements and a little digital avatar of your body.

Turning that into an action figure: optional but highly recommended.


BFX Studio
699 Boylston St
Boston, MA, 02116


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