Dinner Takes All

Getting Dinner, Tinder-Style. Of Course.

None Pop quiz:

Dinder is like Tinder for:

A) Dachshunds.
B) Car detailing.
C) Dad bods.
D) None of the above.

If you chose D, congratulations. You win a new app that is both available now for iPhone and will have you ordering dinner by swiping left or right at pictures just like... well, you know.

Surely you have questions:

Is this the peak of comparing things to Tinder?
We hope so.

What about Airbnb?
Next question.

All right. Tell me how it works.
Download it, open it and be hungry. You’ll see a picture of a dish from a nearby restaurant. Maybe it’s sashimi. Maybe it’s chicken tikka masala. If you’re feeling meh about it, swipe left. If you’re feeling excited about it, swipe right.

Why am I swiping pictures of chicken?
Because each time you do, they’re added to your favorites list. Select your favorite... favorite, and your order will instantly be sent to the restaurant for delivery.

How many restaurants are they working with?
Six, spread across Allston, Brookline and Cambridge. But they’re working on adding more, and they hope to cover Somerville and the rest of Boston in two months.

What’d you think of last night’s Mad Men?
Stay on topic, please.

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