Things to do for May 14, 2015

The Weekender

Lobster Pop-Ups, Local Bourbon and Alfred Hitchcock

April showers bring May weekends.

Just So Much Ham

Just So Much Ham

Your tolerance for ham is... well, it’s never been tested, really. Probably pretty high, though. Find out as the Birch & Barley/ChurchKey chefs roll out boards of four hams this week, including an 18-month, house-aged prosciutto. Yes, of course they’ll suggest beer pairings.

Lobsters and Burgers = All You Need

Lobsters and Burgers = All You Need

Soon, there will be a restaurant specializing in nothing but lobsters and burgers. Even sooner (like now), there is a pop-up at Prequel serving those very same things, only paired with cocktails, beer and wine. Clever, clever.

Movie Night at Congressional Cemetery

Movie Night at Congressional Cemetery

Normally, Congressional Cemetery closes by dusk. But not tomorrow, when you’ll bring food, drinks and a blanket, and take up a spot. Then you’ll be joined by Alfred Hitchcock and a legion of vicious birds. On a movie screen. Not in real life. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

An Outdoor Festival with All the Drinks

An Outdoor Festival with <em>All</em> the Drinks

It’s a beer fest with cocktails. No, it’s a wine fest with beer. No, it’s... something new, by the booze-focused minds behind Bluejacket, the Partisan and more. You’ll sample rare beer and wine while you eat doner kebabs and whole-smoked-hog tacos. Okay, so actually it’s a whole-smoked-hog-taco fest.

May 16, 3-8pm, $35-$65, Canal Park, 200 M St SE, drink lists and tickets here

Untitled Whiskey. Sounds Mysterious.

Untitled Whiskey. Sounds Mysterious.

Someday you might face a weekend without new, locally produced whiskey. But it won’t be this one, because here comes One Eight Distilling’s first sherry-cask-aged bourbon, called Untitled No. 1. You can find it in flights and cocktails at Mockingbird Hill and Southern Efficiency. And sure, you can title it if you want.

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