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Luke’s Lobster Finds Its Way to Chicago

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It’s good to have a little clout around City Hall.

Your street gets plowed. Your potholes get fixed. Your lobster gets flown in directly from Maine...

So it looks like Luke’s Lobster will be LaSalle Street’s new power broker for delicious lobster rolls when it opens on Monday.

Luke is a real guy. His family has worked on Maine lobster boats for 40 years, and he’s channeled that lifetime of seafaring, lobster-catching connections into a small conglomerate of seafood shacks.

They’re already a hit in New York and DC. Read: places that don’t play games when it comes to rich shellfish, mayo, lemon pepper and buttery griddled buns. Other things, maybe. But not that.

It’s a simple-enough affair—all Maine barn-wood tables and salvaged buoys. Pop in before heading to Millennium Park. Order a picnic smorgasbord of lobster rolls, Jonah crab claw rolls, shrimp rolls, chips, some slaw and a honey pie (courtesy of Bang Bang Pie Shop). Then... be on your way. That’s a lot of stuff.

But since it’s right across from City Hall, you and your aldermen need to take a meeting here real soon. Just hang out and discuss life and so forth over lobster grilled cheeses.

So forth = maybe potholes.


Luke’s Lobster
134 N LaSalle St
(between Randolph and Washington)
Chicago, IL, 60602


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