Faux Real

A Swanky Post-Work Spot with 300 Spirits

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Deep question:

When is something not what it is?

When it’s a Forgery, a very real cocktail spot with more than 300 spirits and some seriously intriguing drinks, opening tomorrow.

This bar is somewhat cavernous—as cavernous as a sleek lounge sort of place can feel. It’s got high, black wood ceilings, exposed brick (maybe we should just specify when a place doesn’t have that) and a leather-becouched mezzanine out back. See for yourself, right here.

You’ll come by after work (it opens at 4pm). Head past the couches by the floor-to-ceiling windows and claim seats at the bar. Now. Here, you’ve got options... mostly of the strong, infused variety. Try the Pickled Swede (dill-infused vermouth, pickled onion) or the Cadiz (with cumin-infused vodka). Here’s that menu.

There’s also rotating guest-cocktail recipes: right now, an absinthe-laden thing from Ibiza. Hard not to try that.

Then maybe it’s time to head out for a bite in the Mission or Hayes Valley—this spot’s close to all that. Then maybe it’s time... to come back for a nightcap. A barrel-aged-tequila-and-pear-liqueur drink sounds about right.

Usually does.

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