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All pretty good islands. Unless you just want some beer.

Then there’s Goose Island Brewery & Tasting Room, opening Thursday in West Town. (Slideshow time.)

You’ve heard rumors of this impeding thing, but it’s finally here in all its subway-tiled, oak-tabled, fermentation-tank-viewing glory. Kind of reminds you of the days when Goose was just a little Chicago secret.

Here now: a few more reasons for you to care...

Every third Friday is Black Friday.
You know how people go crazy for Bourbon County Stout and line up for it the day after Thanksgiving? Now, every third Friday, they’ll be doing some sort of variant of the barrel-aged beer. So that’s relatively neat.

You like beer and stuff, right?
Come and engage in a rotating list of their favorites as well as some small-batch greatest hits. Blue Line. 3600 Saison. Green Line. Plus, there’s a hand-cranked cask engine, which is just fun to say.

Father’s Day: solved.
Spend quality time with Dad touring the brewing facilities, inspecting the Wild Fermentation Room and peeking into the Innovation Room where the brewers will be tinkering with new recipes.

Kind of makes you wish they were Oompa Loompas.


Goose Island Brewery & Tasting Room
1800 W Fulton St
(at Wood)
Chicago, IL, 60612


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