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Lamb Tacos, Sangria and a Very Vast Patio

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Naco Taco’s ready.

It’s a Michael Scelfo–helmed taqueria equipped with lamb belly tacos, sangria pitchers and a pretty serious patio situation, and it’s open as of this afternoon in Central Square.

Michael Scelfo. You’ve had dreams about his burger. You’ve gone to Alden & Harlow for breakfast even though they’re not open for breakfast. Now he makes tacos.

We’ll start with their giant patio. It used to be a car lot. Now it’s the kind of open-air, West Coast taco vision you could only have imagined up to this point—umbrellas. Strung lights. A 30-foot kitchen trailer (honor thy slideshow.) That’s where you’ll watch the day fade into night as pitchers of rosé sangria and tacos pile up around you.

If you want al pastor, they’ve got it. If you want tacos with cured lamb belly and pickled radish, they’ve got that, too (here’s the menu).

But don’t forget about the inside. Not with its psychedelic street-art mural full of floating heads and a U-shaped wooden bar where you’ll partake in burnt-pineapple micheladas for months to come.

Also to come: the occasional outdoor pig roast, where they’ll pull meat right off the pig and put it in your taco.


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