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Cream Puffs. Cheesecake. This Might Work.

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It’s not every day that Japanese cream puffs and cheesecake popsicles align.

So savor this moment.

Keep savoring.

And... here’s two new dessert places:

Enter Beard Papa’s (pictured left), now soft-open in Chinatown.

The pedigree: They’re a cream puff chain from Japan. Great world we’re living in.
The scene: A white-tiled room with a row of counter seats and countless angles to watch people fill cream puffs. (Like the ones in this slideshow.)
You’re there for: Seven varieties of cream puff (original, éclair, dulce de leche...), filled to order with vanilla or green tea custard.
Unless you have a thing for: Molten chocolate cake and those Japanese sodas with a marble inside. Keep being you, Japan.

Shifting gears now to 7ate9 Bakery, now soft-open in Somerville.

The pedigree: The first physical outpost of a formerly nomadic cheesecakery that’s been working the farmers’ market circuit since 2010.
The scene: The former Kickass Cupcakes store on Highland. Remember cupcakes? Anyway, it’s a mere 300 square feet of red walls and glass-encased confections. (Slideshow time again.)
You’re there for: Cheesecake of the mini variety. Expect flavors like peppermint and mocha made with Taza chocolate.
Unless you have a thing for: Chocolate cheesecake popsicles.

The god of cheesecake is real, and he is kind.

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