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Lamb Nachos and Crystal Skulls in River North

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Pork belly nuggets.

You’ve just read five words that are very closely associated with the bigger, stronger, faster Rockit Bar & Grill. Yes, after 10 beautiful years in business followed by a four-month hiatus, it has now reopened in River North.

This is big. Lots to cover. So we sent our senior relaunch correspondents to take it all in firsthand.

They’ll field your questions now:

Right, okay. What’s different here?
Um, pretty much everything. The space is unrecognizable. If the old Rockit were Tom Petty, the new Rockit is Lou Reed—sleeker, sexier, edgier. Generally River North–ier. (Here, see for yourself.)

Can I still get an after-work Rockit Burger?
You can. Almost everything else on the menu is new, though. (It’s right here, and it’s got lamb nachos and espresso-rubbed hanger steak.)

Is there a late-night menu?
Don’t ask weird questions. Of course. And of course it has ham-and-cheese fries on it.

I heard they have new drinks, too. What am I drinking?
You could get a bourbon-and-sherry concoction they call the Hustle & Cuss. But then you’d be passing up the chance to drink a single malt punch out of a crystal skull.

And that would be silly.
And that would be silly.

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