Things to do for April 30, 2015

The Weekender

The Derby, Whiskey Delivery and Pizza

It’s the weekend in a photo finish.

Whiskey Delivery

Whiskey Delivery

Step 1: Download Lash, a new liquor-delivery app.
Step 2: Browse the selection.
Step 3: Order something good. Like a single malt old enough to drink itself.
Step 4: Just sit back and wait for it to arrive. You’ve done enough already.

Watching the Derby at Sissy’s

Watching the Derby at Sissy’s

There’s a big mint julep drinking event on Saturday. Something about a horse race... So get to Sissy’s for bourbon, big hats and Southern snacks, and while there, be sure to watch what’s considered the most exciting two minutes in sports. Time bathroom breaks carefully.

A Day of Champagne and Polo

A Day of Champagne and Polo

Or for something a little more... polo, try this Derby-themed polo match that’s flush with champagne and picnic baskets. You’ll watch guys go horseback riding with mallets, you’ll drink out of flutes, and you’ll break for a live showing of the race. Just how Ralph would do it.

Pool Party Season Is Here

Pool Party Season Is Here

If you notice a preponderance of swimwear, sunlight and drinking in cabanas, don’t be alarmed. That’s just the onset of pool season. And you likely wandered into Sisu, where you can find day parties each Sunday, starting this Sunday, at their pool. Stay as long as you like.

Legendary Chicago Pizza in Arlington

Legendary Chicago Pizza in Arlington

That iconic maker of Chicago deep-dish pizzas, Gino’s East, has headed... south. To Arlington. And starting this Monday, they’ll make that time before and after Rangers games better with sandwiches, beer and obscenely deep pizzas. Remember, hands at 10 and two.

Opens May 4, Gino’s East, 1350 E Copeland Rd, Arlington, 817-809-7437

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