Cerise’s Pieces

Rooftop. Gimlets. Oysters. Virgin Hotel.

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Quick. No time to explain. Cerise. It’s that rooftop thing at the Virgin Hotel. It finally opens Wednesday.

So that gives us, what... 48 hours? Good. Just enough time to get you in the right headspace for:

The views. Oh, the views.
It’s 26 floors up. You’re so close to the Jewelers Building, you feel as though you could reach out and polish a corner of it. But don’t. You’ll fall.

The oysters. Those, too.
If you’re up here for a cocktail before a show at the Chicago Theatre, you’re in good hands. Eat some short rib sliders, sashimi and oysters, then act all casual as if you’re not in Sir Richard Branson’s penthouse.

The pillows.
They’re everywhere. Be sure to take full advantage. On the inside, there’s a cushion-stuffed nook that looks like a good place to settle in with a yuzu-lime Far East Gimlet. And that big circular corner spot on the balcony—that’s where you and everyone you know will confer over pitchers of Tradewinds Punch.

The beetles.
Don’t be alarmed. They’re art and they’re climbing the wall in the small bar lounge.

The beaded tribal masks.
They’re locked in a steel cage for a reason.

Probably because they don’t want you touching them.

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