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The Hill-Side Pops Up on Abbot Kinney

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Five weeks.

Not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things.

But definitely enough to score a bitchin’ ottoman.

Mount The Hill-Side, a fleeting five-week vision of rare fabrics that have become nice-looking sneakers, blazers and furniture, now open inside of Stag in Venice. (See the slideshow.)

You’ll find this shop-in-a-shop up in Stag’s loft. So first, stay strong as you traverse the gauntlet of handsomeness downstairs. Or don’t. Then climb the stairs, and it’s just you with a great spread of these things:

—A selvage indigo button-down. Not officially called “Your Go-To.”

—An Italian-leather wallet bound in blanket-striped wool. Very Venice. Here-Venice and Venice-Venice.

—Chambray, Irish-tweed or Japanese-denim sneakers. Fancy.

—Linen ties.

—A tailored twill camouflage blazer. Because that exists here.

—Warm, American-made socks. This is still a fine sock-making country, dammit.

—A canvas-lined, Japanese-cotton tote bag with Hawaiian shirt print. Ralph’s statement piece.

—Panama hats. They have Panama hats.

—A colorful ottoman made with Virginia shuttle-loomed fabric. Stag obtained a bunch of beautiful mid-century furniture pieces, and Hill-Side upholstered them.

They didn’t get less beautiful.


The Hill-Side
at Stag Venice
1338 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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