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Leather Boots, Sex Pistols and Tiki Glasses

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Sometimes you go to a store for a reason. Like, you need pants.

Sometimes you like to let the reason come to you. Hey, what about a jacket made of tent fabric, an actual pair of blue suede shoes and some Sex Pistols art?

That would be at Venice Heights, a small space intent on introducing you to clothes, shoes and bags you don’t find in most stores around here, or around other places. It’s open now on Abbot Kinney, and here’s the slideshow. You should check out:

—A light-blue Japanese cotton and linen work shirt from Krammer & Stoudt. For establishing your work ethic.

—Iconic framed portraits of the Sex Pistols all over the wall. They look just like the Sex Pistols.

—Vintage bar gear like an old crystal decanter or tiki glasses. Depending on your needs.

—Monitaly’s olive-green trucker jacket made from military tent fabric.

—A book on the history of the California desert. Not much happening out there these days.

—Some classic PF Flyers sneakers. For your next Sandlot party.

—Mexican-made leather wingtips from Yuketen. Wingtips, Abbot Kinney. Could work.


Venice Heights
1638 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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