Lago by Julian Serrano

Ready, Set, Lago

A New Italian Playground in the Bellagio

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Well, Vegas. That settles it.

Julian Serrano likes you. He really, really (really) likes you.

Because he’s bringing you his third Vegas incarnation, Lago by Julian Serrano. And it’s a futuristic-looking Italian utopia that’s turning out whole suckling pig, small plates of crudos and leather-aged drinks, now open at Bellagio. (Here’s the slideshow and here’s the menu.)

Now, you already know Serrano can do some magical things with tapas thanks to his spot at the Aria. Here, he’s set up shop in what can best be described as a stage set from Metropolis—the Technicolor version. Where you and a few friends will gather over whole roasted suckling pig (starting next month) and chorizo-garnished bourbon that’s been aged in a leather botarron.

You’ll pass through a massive mosaic map of Milan and take a table overlooking the fountains. Then, let small plates filled with shrimp-stuffed calamari and sweet-and-sour eggplant lead you through the night.

Eventually, you’ll call for a nightcap. That’s when a frozen orb will appear before you. That’s the Sgroppino. It’s filled with prosecco, limoncello, lemon sorbet and cocoa butter, and purportedly “explodes” with each bite.

So, you know, bring a helmet.

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