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A Bright Den of Circuit Training in Cow Hollow

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So many things to do with 35 minutes:

Organize your sock drawer.

Get downtown from SFO. Maybe.

Watch an episode of Frasier, and then heat a tasty stove-top snack.

Or... start and then finish a circuit-based training session at Basecamp, open now in Cow Hollow. Here’s the slideshow.

You’ll enter the sunny flagship when you want to break a good sweat but only have, say, exactly five minutes more than a half hour available. Sign in at the desk up front—then head straight to one of the 20 bikes on the cobalt-blue mats in back.

Claim a bike with a friend. Glance around at the other pairs of spandex-clad people standing idly next to a weird elliptical-meets-stationary-bike hybrid. Okay, go time.

You’ll spend 35 minutes alternating between a minute on the bike, and a minute doing another thing. Maybe bike, burpee box jumps, bike, kettlebell swings, bike... It won’t be easy, but it won’t be full CrossFit either. And while you go, demos of the exercises will be displayed on flat-screens above. There’s a timer, too.

And when you’re through: an additional 10 minutes of core work, if you want.

Unless you really only have 35 minutes.

Then just get the hell out of there.


1501 Filbert St
(at Van Ness)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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