How Great Thou Cart

The Greatest Food and Drink Carts in Town

We aren’t going to come right out and say that everything’s better on a cart. We’ll just say that Bloody Marys, massive rib roasts and entire grappa collections are all things that can be wheeled to your table in a crowded restaurant. We’ll let you figure this out from here.

Just Let the Cheese Come to You

Just Let the Cheese Come to You

What: A two-tiered cart jam-packed with anything from clothbound pecorino to Spanish sheep’s cheese to preserves like pumpkin-spice jam.
Why: Because you’ve just had four courses, and they might have forgotten to include Spanish sheep’s cheese in all of them.
Overheard: “What, no cheese sticks?”

Study, 73 Ames St, Cambridge, 617-374-0700

A Mobile Hair-of-the-Dog Station

A Mobile Hair-of-the-Dog Station

What: A four-wheeled, make-your-own Bloody bar at Davio’s newly minted brunch. You’ll choose vodka, gin or tequila. Then you’ll choose things like clam juice, sriracha or butter-poached lobster.
Why: Last night.
Overheard: “Lobster is a traditional Maine hangover cure.”

Don’t Panic. The Small Food Is Here.

Don’t Panic. The Small Food Is Here.

What: A nomadic smorgasbord of wonderful things like wine, blood orange octopus salad and burratini. It’s like burrata, but mini. Hence the “ini.”
Why: You can’t just sit in a restaurant and not eat octopus salad.
Overheard: “I feed myself by cart at home, too.”

The Steak Here Has Wheels Under It

The Steak Here Has Wheels Under It

What: A cart bearing whatever size rib roast your heart desires, plus jars of jus and chimichurri. They’ll carve it tableside and ladle sauce while you sit back and wonder how your life has taken such a magical turn.
Why: Protein.
Overheard: “How has my life taken such a magical turn?”

La Brasa, 124 Broadway, Somerville, 617-764-1412

This Isn’t a Game Anymore

This Isn’t a Game Anymore

What: An Italian restaurant’s extensive collection of grappa, plus aquavit and amaro, stacked on a cart and getting ever so closer...
Why: Maybe you’ve severely tested the limits of proper gnocchi consumption. Maybe you just want to watch the world burn.
Overheard: “These tears are grappa tears.”

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