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Kayaking. Europe’s Grand Canyon. Wine.

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Forts. Castles. Grottoes. Bandit hideouts.

Yes, these could all be plot points in a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

But more to the point here, they’re also things you’ll explore in Sardinia.

Specifically during Kayaking Wild Sardinia, a nine-day, mostly waterborne adventure where you’ll see most of the 165-mile-long Italian island (and drink most of its wine and eat most of its fish while you’re at it). It’s booking now for a June departure.

You’ll kayak for five days here, on different parts of the coast each time, the better to explore all the sea caves, hidden beaches and grottoes, and paddle along shorelines where towers, forts and castles loom above.

To give your shoulders a rest, you’ll take a day to hike into the Supramonte mountains and through Gorropu Gorge, sometimes called Europe’s Grand Canyon (and sometimes also called the former hideout of Sardinian bandits).

When you’re not in a kayak or a canyon, you’ll stay at hotels that look a little something like this. And each night you’ll sit down to Sardinian feasts and bottles of local wine, whether you’re in a port that dates back to Carthaginian times, or in a walled Spanish city where the residents speak Catalan.

Catapult not required for entry.

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