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Did you know you’re going to lunch in the Bronx soon?

Yeah, we’re as surprised as you.

And yet, here we are.

Talking about Hudson Garden Grill, a big box of sunshine and glorious lunches at the New York Botanical Garden, from expert restaurant-opener Stephen Starr. It’s open today.

This is right in the middle of an honest-to-God arboretum. And right now, the cherry blossoms are in peak bloom. Which is, more or less, a phrase you should replicate word for word to the enraptured lunch date you bring here following your enchanted promenade through the magical gardens.

But they also serve food at this restaurant, as restaurants are wont to do. New American food. And though nobody really, really knows just what the hell that means, we can tell you that here, it’s defined by things like an alleged In-N-Out-style burger and bucatini with lobster Bolognese.

You can take that in the garden or on the patio. Either way, you’ll want to hit up the outdoor tequila bar the Garden is opening for the Frida Kahlo exhibit that’s coming.

Well played, the Bronx.

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