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A Roman-Style Pizza Bar in a Back Alley

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What’s warm, cheesy and kind of like a pizza?

If you’re thinking “calzones,” yeah, but no.

If you’re thinking “Hot Pockets,” stop.

The answer (today) is “pinsas”: they’re flatbreads inspired by the 2,000-year-old Roman snack. You’ll find them at Montesacro Pinseria Romana Enoteca, open now. Here’s the slideshow and the menu.

First, you’ll enter through a back alley around happy hour o’clock. The owner, one of the guys behind 54 Mint, named it after a neighborhood in his native Rome, so it all just sort of makes sense. Inside, a casual-Italian-hangout vibe—from your turquoise school chair, you’ll see photos of old Rome, a map from 1925, a 70-bottle-deep wine list and a massive white-tiled brick oven. That one... isn’t functional right now. It’s just really old, and it was already there.

Your pinsas are actually coming out of the Italian electric oven off on the side. It’s not quite as impressively ancient-looking, but it’ll heat up your pie in two minutes.

More on those pinsas: the Roman pizzaiolo uses dough made from three different flours, then tops them with burrata, broccolini and spicy pork sausage. Or pancetta and pecorino. Or other combos.

You could call them speedy pizza crisps. Or cheesy Roman pizza breads.

Or pinsas.

Yeah, let’s just stick with pinsas.

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