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The Merging of Dim Sum and Tapas

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What do Communist legend Mao Zedong and a toreador have in common?

A) They both fought bulls.

B) They both ran China.

C) They’re both on the wall of this place.

Answer: Though we wish it were A, it is C.

And that’s because it’s Tasca Chino, a Spanish restaurant combined with a Chinese restaurant to make one big Gramercy... restaurant. It’s opening tonight.

El Bulli, Bouley and Blue Hill. Those are just the places this chef has cheffed at that have prominent B’s in them. So when the guy says, “Hey, try my monkfish stuffed with shrimp and tofu or my teriyaki octopus,” you’re inclined to give him a chance.

It’s likely going to be in a post-work, casual business-dinner scenario where you grant those chances. And that being the case, you should first look at these attractive cocktails, and then drink them. As a final act, you’ll summon the coconut bubble tea yuzu float, topped ever so subtly with a... we’re going to go with “husk”... of cotton candy.

A dessert with integrity.

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