Things to do for April 09, 2015

The Weekender

Basquiat, Trivia and Riverside Brunch

Act now and we’ll throw in a second weekend free of charge.

Aimé Leon Dore’s into the Navy

Aimé Leon Dore’s into the Navy

This local designer decided that the Navy was a good place to get some style inspiration. Turns out, he was right. And for this weekend, he’s running a concept shop full of flight jackets and bombers that make people such as yourself want to trade currency for them.

Apr 9-13, 10am-8pm, Aimé Leon Dore concept shop, 179 Mott St (between Broome and Kenmare) 

How Basquiat Worked

How Basquiat Worked

You’ve had a few notebooks in your life. Got some good thoughts in them. Maybe jotted down a recipe or two. The problem is, they’re not always as interesting as Jean-Michel Basquiat’s notebooks. But you know whose are? Jean-Michel Basquiat’s, which are at Brooklyn Museum now. Yeah, his are good.

Pizza Beach Is Getting In on Brunch

Pizza Beach Is Getting In on Brunch

The sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwich: a timeless classic for the recovering Saturday morning human being. It’s a pizza now, for brunch, at Pizza Beach. It was going to be an omelet, but, you know, Pizza Beach.

Sat-Sun, 10am-4pm, Pizza Beach, 1426 3rd Ave (at 81st), 646-666-0819

Trivia and Curry at the Shakespeare

Trivia and Curry at the Shakespeare

There’s singing for your supper. That’s a thing people say. But that involves singing. How about you just answer a bunch of trivia questions at the Shakespeare and have a giant pot of curry? Much more reasonable.

Every other Sunday starting Apr 12, 8pm, $5, Quiz and Curry Night at The Shakespeare, 24 E 39th St (between Park and Madison), 646-837-6779

What Else Is New
Giant Sandwiches and the River

Giant Sandwiches and the River

In the East Village: A man is doing size-of-your-head muffulettas and complicated meatball heroes in Alphabet City. Bless this man.
At the Seaport: The Water Table is back. For a refresher course, see: beer, riverside dining, endless sunlight.

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