Le Central and Hexx Kitchen + Bar

Seeing Double

Two 24-Hour Spots at Paris Las Vegas

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Something insanely crazy is going down at 3am.

It involves waffles.

Cheddar waffles.

No, wait—apple-cheddar waffles.

Hey, one person’s club night is another person’s waffle night.

Get a little nuts at Le Central (left) and Hexx Kitchen + Bar, two 24-hour establishments at Paris Las Vegas with completely different agendas. Both are open right now.

Yes, different agendas. But complementary. Like yin to yang. Lennon to McCartney. Gold chains to Mr. T. Anyway. We’re just going to explain now.

The Hook
Le Central: Around-the-clock drinking. Assisting you: the Smoked Martini with bourbon, vermouth and, yes, smoke. (Here’s the menu.)
Hexx Kitchen + Bar: Around-the-clock eating. With apple-cheddar waffles and prime filet. (Here’s the menu.)

The Vibe
Le Central: Versailles-ish. Think plush blue velvet, gold ceilings and chandeliers attached to a 30-foot fleur-de-lis. (See the slideshow.)
Hexx Kitchen + Bar: Like Wonka’s suburban ranch house. With an outdoor patio and the city’s first bean-to-bar chocolate operation. Keep doing you, Vegas. (See the slideshow.)

Your Play
Le Central: First-date drinks. Which naturally leads to...
Hexx Kitchen + Bar: First-date post-drinking sustenance.

And that concludes Vegas Date Night 101.

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