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Here’s a New Way to Order Dinner

None Some things in life are hard and should be easier.

Like finding a concrete reason for why we exist.

Or ordering dinner.

Let’s explore the latter with Chef Nightly, which sounds like a talk show hosted by cooks but is actually the simplest dinner-ordering app ever, now available for iPhone and Android.

Now, there’s a good chance you’ve already willed a buffalo calzone or two into existence using your smartphone. But not like this. Because this wasn’t a thing yet.

You won’t choose between restaurants. You won’t waste precious, hungry minutes poring over individual menus. Because this app has a single menu of its own, broken into categories like Mexican, sushi and pizza. All you do is swipe (yes, just like Tinder) the dish you want—say, ravioli—and the closest of over 20 local restaurants they work with will deliver it to you posthaste.

In time, it’ll learn your ordering preferences and start making dinner suggestions as soon as you open the app.

Finally, artificial intelligence that understands lasagna.

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