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Texas-Size Tex-Mex in Hell’s Kitchen

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It appears as though legit Tex-Mex is having a moment in our fair city.

Here’s a list of things wrong with that:








... thus concludes the list.

So let’s take a look at El Original, a gargantuan Hell’s Kitchen Texas + Mexico spot from some actual Texans. It’s partially opening Thursday and fully opening next Friday.

Just a primer before we have you look at things you’ll soon yearn for—you’ve got a Beard-winning writer of Tex-Mex cookbooks as the Geppetto behind everything you’ll consume here. Any tacos you procure will be available soft, crispy or puffy. There’s chili con queso. There’s Frito pie. And it seriously looks like they just airlifted it from some dusty burg just outside San Antone.

Now open your eyes for the slideshow.

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