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A Fulton Market Ramen Outpost Rises

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You’re not ashamed of it or anything.

It was just something you did in college once. Okay, maybe twice. Fine, nightly. Whatever.

Point is, you thought you got it out of your system...

Yet there you’ll be at Ramen Takeya, getting your ramen fix in the Fulton Market District starting Tuesday. (Slideshow time.)

Oh, that’s right. You’ve been dabbling openly in the ramen arts for the past couple years now just like everyone else. But this joint is special. It comes from the nice people behind Wasabi, a trusted source of good, solid noodling.

Yet consider its other charms:

Like how you’ll be presented with a short but respectable list of ramen. Among the offerings: chicken paitan and the shoyu-style Tokyo Classic.

And how you’ll augment it with plates of sashimi, gyoza and other savories.

And the way you’ll sip highballs like they do in Japan—with whiskey, soda water, ice and a gigantic smile on your face.

And how to get to the best seats in the back, you’ll walk down what looks like a Tokyo alley, past paper lanterns and Japanese street signs, and sit under the orange glow of a neon Pac-Man ghost. Pokey, we believe.

That makes you Pac-Man.


Ramen Takeya
819 W Fulton Market
(between Green and Halsted)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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