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A Seafood Savior Rises in East Cambridge

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Good afternoon.

You look well.

Now... let’s get into Loyal Nine, a cavernous hall of New England seafood where your oysters come with beer vinegar and your coffee is carbonated, opening tomorrow in East Cambridge. (Say yes to the slideshow.)

This used to be a car dealership. Then it was a liquor store. Now it’s way better.

Inside: all polished concrete floors, sturdy woods and old captain’s chairs. Pull one of those chairs out for your date. Or hold that thought and make for the little rum-and-brandy-stocked corner bar that also has carbonated cold brew on tap.

But... if you really know what you’re doing, you’ll go right for those stools facing the wide-open kitchen.

You’ll start receiving chilled shrimp with salted herbs (see the sample menu). You’ll come into possession of oysters with smoked-porter vinegar. Then things just sort of escalate and you’re both sharing an entire roasted romanesco with bonito butter and clams.

And you’re not done yet. Because there’s a café in back, and in two weeks, they’ll start serving black tea scones for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. And come late May/early June, it’ll lead out to a 30-seat patio.

Which is precisely 30 seats more than no seats.

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