Mine Numbing

Nine Ziplines in a Former Slate Mine

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Think of the absolute lowest you’ve ever been in your life.


No, lower.

Even lower...

Whoa, okay. Stop there.

Guess we should have been clearer. We meant literally low. Like “abandoned mine shaft” low.

Meet Zip Below Xtreme, a three-mile subterranean zipline course in the deepest publicly accessible place in the UK, booking now in North Wales.

It won’t be much different from a regular, aboveground zipline course. Except that you’ll be donning a headlamp and exploring an abandoned slate mine from the 1800s that still has errant bowler hats and tobacco pipes lying around. (Check it out here.) Okay, it’s a little different.

An instructor will be with you, but you’ll be doing all the work. Clipping yourself on and off the ropes. Descending 1,300 feet by way of things like bridges, ladders and nine ziplines. Dodging anything with wings.

Oh, and there’s a 70-foot abyss that you’ll have to get down. Your options: rappelling down, or jumping and free-falling until they apply the brakes.

You know what Tom Petty would choose.


Zip Below Xtreme
via Go Below Underground Adventures, Conwy Falls
+44 1690 710108


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