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Two Levels of Pizza, Beer and Keith Richards

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Big changes coming to Wrigleyville this year.

Scoreboards. Bleacher expansion. So on. So forth.

But you just want to know one thing: will there be a vintage-motorcycle-themed rock club that serves late-night pizza and 75 cans of beer?

Well... no, of course not.

Except kidding, because here’s Heating & Cooling, which is a two-story Wrigleyville bar for people who don’t necessarily come to this stretch of earth for baseball, opening April 3.

It’s like ’70s Creem magazine, Marlon Brando and John Bonham all came back to life and decided to start making calamari-topped pizza. The bar is backed by drum kits. The sconces were once motorbike speedometers. Rock concert posters are sensible wallpaper.

So, yes, you’ll probably like it before a game. But you’ll definitely like it after you see AC/DC play Wrigley in September. But mostly you’ll like it when you want to hear some up-and-coming rockers on the stage. If you want a slice, walk over to the kitchen pizza counter and order it.

Also of note: those vintage rock photographs. They’re by Chicago’s Paul Natkin. Look for Keith Richards flipping the bird, the Police at the Aragon and John Mellencamp with his head in a Michigan Avenue trash bin.

You can’t take that guy anywhere.


Heating & Cooling
3530 N Clark St
(at Eddy)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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