Mex Drive

Two New Mexican Food Trucks. Yep. Two.

To whoever spent all that time wishing for new Mexican food trucks:

You did good. Real good.

Because you’re about to get not one, but two engine-powered operations that are no strangers to the taco.

Let’s start this rally with Sabroso Taqueria, rolling out April 1.

The origin story: Sabroso Taqueria was a thing. Then it closed in 2006. Then it reopened last year in FiDi. Now it’s a truck.
The food: An exact replica of their brick-and-mortar’s simple goodness: 12-inch steak burritos, shrimp tacos and chicken quesadillas abound. (This is a menu.)
The bonus feature: Their carnitas are slow-roasted for 18 hours. That’s 36 hours in carnita years.

And the saga continues with North East of the Border (pictured), hitting the streets on April 6.

The origin story: A US Coast Guard member and a veteran chef from Cancun join forces to fight crime make tortas.
The food: Fried avocado street tacos, steak Milanesa tortas and weekly changing specials like stuffed peppers and pork tamales. (This is another menu.)
The bonus feature: Come May, they’ll do breakfast. That means molletes, which is a Mexican toast topped with fried eggs and chorizo.

So, toast... but better.

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