What Creams May Come

A Gelato Promised Land Hits Newbury

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You scream for ice cream.

So what do you do for gelato...

Eh. Maybe just eat it.

At Amorino, the European gelato titan’s glorious and inevitable foray into New England territory, opening Thursday on Newbury Street.

We took some notes for you:

You could bring a date here.
Generous amount of walnut wood. Brick walls. Cozy little seating area in back with black leather banquettes—this is as romantic as frozen dairy gets. (Here’s the slideshow.)

You’ll have 16 flavors of gelato and sorbet to play with (24 come May).
Limone. Nocciola. Cioccolato. Other things that could be a beautiful Italian woman’s name but are dessert instead.

Their signature flower-shaped scoop means you can order all 16/24 at once.
Don’t expect a prize.

You can turn any two flavors into a frappe.
The change from a solid to a liquid state has never been so majestic.

There are 10 varieties of hot chocolate.
Like orange, Aztec and white. Because it’s still freezing outside.

Crepes and waffles are present. 
And they’re practically daring you to cover them in gelato.

The word “focaccina” works like magic.
Say it, and they’ll stuff two flavors into a brioche and serve it to you.

That only works here.

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