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A Union Square Dinner and Drinks Behemoth

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Remember Duck Hunt?

This is like that but a lot more delicious.

There will be no blowing on the cartridge at Irvington, an immense monument to ducks and flatbreads and cocktails and you partaking of them. The doors fly open tomorrow at the W Union Square.

The humans responsible for Kingside and the Roof did this. A few quick recommendations: you want to arrive before your dinner date so you can spend some quality time at the bar, which is pretty grand. The Old Fashioneds are barrel-aged. The sparkling Negronis a) exist, and b) are bottled. See? Grand.

Once that time’s up, you know, you sit, you eat duck confit pot pie and glazed Muscovy duck, like you do. But just prior to that, you should look at this slideshow to see what you’re in for...

It’s worth a thousand words and all that.

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