Darling’s Elixirs

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Mezcal Flights in an Old Oakland Pharmacy

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You look great today. Like you’re feeling hearty and well.

Too bad.

Because this old pharmacy looks pretty fun.

Here’s your prescription for Darling’s Elixirs, a real throwback of a watering hole that takes the building’s history as a ’20s pharmacy pretty seriously—it opens tonight in Oakland, weekends-only for now.

You’ll find it attached to Dogwood, and you can enter through the bar—though there’s also a separate entrance off Broadway. Your call. They’re both doors. Inside you’ll find nothing short of cocktail-date nirvana.

Now, don’t be alarmed at what’s about to be said: the bar isn’t really a bar, not in the traditional stool-having sense. It’s more like a walk-up counter where you’d get a prescription. So you order your drink and then you go sit down at a charming little table on tile floors. Pretty simple little room. Nice.

What they’re offering: mezcal flights, good whiskeys, some Presto Phosphates made with gin, lemon, vanilla-honey syrup and a pomegranate phosphate. Here’s a sample menu.

There’s just one downside to what’s happening, really.

Hearing all those “feeling better already” jokes.

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