Plane and Gain

Nantucket. The Hamptons. All-You-Can-Fly.

None So what’s the deal with airline food?

No. There’s got to be a better way to intro this.


Forget it. No time to waste anyway. Cut to Beacon, a new service that grants you unlimited travel around the Northeast by private plane, offering memberships now and launching in June.

We will answer your questions in a timely manner.

Q: What’s the catch?
A: You’re sharing these jets with a closed membership pool of 500 people. And you can only book four flights at once. But once you’ve flown those flights, you can immediately book more. So... no catch.

Q: So it’s like DVD-era Netflix for jets?
A: We weren’t going to go there, but sure.

Q: What kind of planes are we talking about here?
A: Six- to eight-seaters, mostly.

Q: Will the captain give me plastic wings?
A: You’re too old.

Q: What are its fly routes?
A: Boston, New York City, the Hamptons and Nantucket. Not inconvenient.

Q: Anything else I should know?
A: They’ll have concierges waiting at your departure and arrival terminals. And they take requests. Like parking your car or bringing a rental.

Q: Could they bring me flowers and champagne?
A: Yeah.

Q: Wait, who am I?
A: We’re not sure.

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