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The Finest Surfboards You Ever Did See

None The warm, salty breeze blows through your hair.

The spirit of a thousand Johnny Utahs fills your soul.

You say something profound like “We’re all equal before a wave.”

Suddenly, your future self rips by you on a 10-foot swell riding a surfboard with flamingos and piña coladas all over it...

And then you wake up and go get a surfboard with flamingos and piña coladas all over it.

At Union, a new surfboardery specializing in hand-shaped devices that you ride while standing up in the water (what... some people are new), online now.

This is courtesy of a guy named Chris from Northern California and a guy named Jeffrey from the East Coast. They grew up surfing. They still surf. And now, they want to make things for you.

Like the Dodger, a shortboard with a sailboat on it. That one’s good for all conditions. And the Ranger with some abstract-looking art on it. That one’s good for hitting barrels. Others, too. Like that flamingo one and another with a Hawaiian print on it.

But if you don’t see anything to your liking, say the word, and they’ll build you a custom one.

And yes, we said “hitting barrels” back there.

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