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Playing Sea Archaeologist for a Week

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We could all take a few lessons from Ringo.

Like latching onto super-talented people early in life. And being strangely enthusiastic about yellow submarines.

We’re still working on finding you your own Paul and John, but in the meantime, here’s a yellow sub. The one from SubSea Explorers, a new seafaring trip wherein you’ll explore ancient shipwrecks via mini-submarine off the coast of Sicily, booking now for trips beginning June 20.

Your mission: board a James Bond–worthy submarine amid Italy’s Aeolian Islands, along with an archaeologist and a pilot. Then start documenting and photographing 2,000-year-old Roman and Greek shipwrecks. You’ll basically be like a temporary crew member. A crew member who gets to work from inside a futuristic submarine with air-conditioning and 360-degree views. (Check it out here.)

You’ll be on the lookout for anything from lobsters and sharks that’ve taken up residence in the hull to extremely old cargo like large jars of olive oil, cured meat and wine. (Expiration date: 400 AD.)

And when you’re back on land, there’s an island villa and Mediterranean feasts waiting for you. Unless, of course, you decided to rent your own yacht.

Villas are great, too, though.

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