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Steak and Shellfish Pots in Summerlin

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The Hamptons. Really nice this time of year.


Okay, that’s not true. Unless you’re into thermal underwear.

And you’re not. We assume.

Anyway, good thing they’re coming to you instead.

Don your finest madras for Andiron Steak & Sea, a Hamptons-esque cottage with an affinity for all things grilled, roasted and shucked, open now in Summerlin.

A seaside retreat on the coast. That’s what this feels like. And here are a few situations when you’ll want to have this in your back pocket:

When planning a dinner date.
Because look at this place. Here, we’ve got a slideshow.

When in Summerlin.
Which would conveniently place you in very close proximity to a bone-in New York strip and shellfish pots brimming with scallops, shrimp and mussels in a lobster broth from the couple behind Honey Salt. Like we said, convenient. (Here’s the menu.)

When there’s a mac-and-cheese-waffles craving lingering around.
It happens.

When the weather’s playing nice.
Check out the massive bar and patio outside. They can supply the requisite wine and moonlight for the evening.

Maybe a little more wine than moonlight.

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