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A Bike That Does Everything but Ride Itself

None If you think about it, March is just a silly month.

St. Patrick’s Day: thanks, March.

Indecisive weather: thanks, March.

Peter Sarsgaard’s birthday: thanks, Ma...

Look, maybe we cheat a little bit today and cut right to spring instead.

Because that’s the season that brings you Valour, a new bike that they’re calling “smart.” Mostly because it’s a really smart bike. It’s available for preorder now and shipping this spring.

You know how bikes work. Well, this works like those. Only it also does all this other stuff:

Shows you when to turn.
Via little sensors built into the handlebars that sync with the bike’s corresponding app. Plug in your destination, put your phone in your pocket and let the blinking dots tell you which way to turn.

Vibrates at you when cars are too close.
Yep. Your new bike is going to have blind-spot detection. The handlebars are going to vibrate when you get too close to things. They simply are.

Looks nice.
It looks nice.

Tracks your vitals.
The calories you burned. The miles you traveled. Your speed. They’ll all be logged in that app.

No, you don’t have to wear the bike around your wrist.

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