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Shipwrecks, Rhinos and Dunes in Namibia

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Here’s what you remember about sandboxes.

Sand. Random Hot Wheels everywhere. A general feeling of grittiness.

Definitely no shipwrecks. No rhinos. No massive dune formations.

Let’s change that.

Time to meet Namibia Exploration: Desert Dune Safari, a new trip that winds through the vast, remote and (mostly) unexplored desert dunes of southwest Africa, now booking for May 5.

First, see the slideshow. Then see what you’re getting into with this not-quite-all-encompassing itinerary.

Days 1-2: Roam the grounds of a 91,000-acre private wilderness reserve. Sleep on the roof deck of your thatched lodge. Admire stars and whatnot.

Day 3: Fly over an old diamond mining settlement and the only well-preserved shipwreck in Namibia. Touch down in Swakopmund. Practice saying Swakopmund.

Day 4: Hop on a boat to cruise the Atlantic coast. Then hop in a 4x4 vehicle to cruise the Sandwich Harbour dune fields. Consider bringing a sandwich.

Days 5-7: Head up to the Skeleton Coast National Park. Stop to check out a “roaring” dune that sounds like the sand is singing. Don’t quit your day job.

Days 8-9: Bunker down at the Desert Rhino Camp. Expect to see some giraffes, oryx and black rhinos.

The rhinos probably went without saying.


Namibia Exploration: Desert Dune Safari
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