Things to do for March 05, 2015

The Weekender

New Ramen. New Live Music. Old Beer Garden.

The high court hereby upholds the weekend.

A Ramen Pop-Up at Mike Isabella’s

A Ramen Pop-Up at Mike Isabella’s

One of Baltimore’s top chefs is opening a Korean/ramen spot called Yona in Ballston this summer. But that’s not important right now. What is important is it’s popping up at G all month, with miso-pork ramen, pork-jowl buns and steamed king crab legs. You like those things.

Wed-Sat through Mar 31, Yona Pop Up at G, 2201 14th St NW, reserve at 202-234-5015

It’s Time to Study Liquor

It’s Time to Study Liquor

Hey, this is interesting: the National Archives is devoting a whole gallery to the history of booze. Expect to see a montage of presidential toasts, FDR’s cocktail shaker, Prohibition-era newsreels and original liquor labels. Then expect to need a drink.

Another Live Music Joint near You

Another Live Music Joint near You

So Rockville, er, North Bethesda has itself a new concert venue, as Son Volt’s Jay Farrar opens AMP by Strathmore this weekend. Your relevant figures...

240: Capacity of the room.
12: Beer taps, curated by Bluejacket’s Greg Engert.
7: Cocktails, most named after classic music venues.
3: Menu items served in mason jars, like the short ribs with whipped potatoes.

Irish Coffee Gelato Is Real

Irish Coffee Gelato Is Real

It’s true. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t for another 12 days. But it’s not too early to have some Irish coffee gelato. Also: Irish coffee gelato now exists. You’ll find it at Dolcezza. It’s got Stumptown Hair Bender espresso gelato, plus a healthy dose of Jameson. Well, healthy-ish.

Available through Mar 31, $5.45-$10.50, Dolcezza, 1418 14th St NW, 202-817-3900, and other area locations

A Sign of Spring. No, Really.

A Sign of Spring. No, Really.

Now is... not the time to sit outside for barbecue and beers. This weekend... might be the time for that. Related: Garden District is already open for the season. Which means the usual mad scramble for picnic tables, plus a new happy hour at 5pm every day. And definitely heat lamps.

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