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Behind an Unmarked Door: Drinks. Oysters. Velvet.

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There’s something terribly wrong with this place.

If you get hungry after a couple rounds of drinks whilst perched on moss-green velvet, they can only bring you oysters.

Be strong. We’ll get through this.

It’ll be an elegant night at Benjamin Cooper, a stowed-away little affair involving ever-changing drinks and an ever-not-changing menu of oysters and more oysters—it opens tomorrow inside Hotel G.

You’ll find it behind either of two unmarked doors: one’s on Mason, the other’s upstairs from the hotel lobby. Just know it’s situated above 398 Restaurant, and you’re good. You’ll find the oysters. You always do.

It’s a real date spot—we’ll say that plainly, in case the moss-velvet allusions didn’t properly make it clear. Just 14 stools, a Venetian-plaster ceiling, a walnut bar and that velvet banquette by the window, with street views that might cause some people to pull up an online thesaurus on their phone to find a good synonym for “romantic.”

A couple of former Big bartenders are here, and they’re taking requests—but if you want to just quickly pick something from the rotating specials, something like the Salt & Smoke (scotch, sherry, Bénédictine, bitters, salted-orange-chili oil), and get back to your velvet views, they’ll understand.

They really like requests, though.


Benjamin Cooper
398 Geary St
(at Mason)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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