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Poolside Dancing and Ice Cream Sandwiches

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The pool party circuit in Vegas is a sacred thing.

And it just got sacred-er.

And ice-cream-sandwich-ier.

Grab your swimsuit for Foxtail Pool Club, a freshly spruced-up pool scene with 3D projections, DJs and, yes, ice cream sandwiches, soft-open March 20 and taking reservations now at the SLS Las Vegas.

First, take a look at it right over here. Then, take a look at these three crucial things you need to know...

This is a next-level pool situation. It’s the SLS, so... to the manner born. And they’ve come to the party with 43,000 square feet of striped cabanas, circular daybeds, floating lily pads and 3D light shows.

It’s group-friendly. So bring one. Preferably with the sort of individuals who appreciate DJs and 32-ounce cups of frozen Sahara Coolers made with orange vodka, passion fruit and grapefruit beer. You’ll find those drinks at the bar conveniently located in the middle of the pool. Location, location, vodka. (See the menu.)

Sustenance. They have it. In the form of charred octopus, tequila-spiked hearts of palm and ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus.

Nice form.

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