At Large

The Very Best of Boston’s Biggest Dishes

There’s a time for cutting back. And that time is not when charcuterie towers, giant sushi boats and two-foot-long oxtails are within your reach. These are Boston’s most majestic and delicious large-format dishes. Divide and conquer.

These Edible Giants Mean Business

These Edible Giants Mean Business

You require: A tail. And things stuffed into other things. You have specific yet divine cravings.
You’ll receive: The notorious two-foot-long braised oxtail you may have heard of. And/or multiple giant peppers filled with golden raisins, yogurt and frike. Maybe go ahead and make that “And.”

Braised Oxtail, $65, serves 3 to 4; Stuffed Peppers, $44, serves 3 to 4; Fairsted Kitchen, 1704 Beacon St, Brookline, 617-396-8752

A Literal Boatload of Sushi

A Literal Boatload of Sushi

You require: More than 59 pieces of sushi, but less than 61.
You’ll receive: Their magnificently named Fuji Boat—a miniature wooden sailing vessel clocking in at three feet and filled with 60 pieces of sushi. Unsure if they’re the crew or the cargo in this scenario.

The Fuji Boat, $135, serves 4 to 6, Fuji at Assembly, 320 Canal St, Somerville, 617-628-8883

Charcuterie Towers Happen Here

Charcuterie Towers Happen Here

You require: A charcuterie board. But you need it to be vertical. And also to have oysters.
You’ll receive: This triple-tiered wonder with shellfish on the bottom, hams and terrines in the center, and pickles, condiments and a bottle of house hot sauce on the top. No, it doesn’t work like Jenga.

Grande Plateaux, $135, serves 4 to 6, Townsman, 120 Kingston St, 617-993-0750

You’ll Have the Meat. All of It.

You’ll Have the Meat. All of It.

You require: An entire something.
You’ll receive: Liquid Art House’s robust selection of roasted whole animals, up to and including chicken trios, Rohan duck and suckling pig with red wine jus. You didn’t think you were getting out of this without suckling pig, did you...

Whole Communal Roasts, prices vary, Liquid Art House, 100 Arlington St, 617-457-8130

Pretty Much Sweet Cheeks’ Entire Menu

Pretty Much Sweet Cheeks’ Entire Menu

You require: Sweet Cheeks. Just... Sweet Cheeks.
You’ll receive: A platter with two pounds each of pork belly, pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket and sausage links, plus a full rack of ribs, a whole chicken and one quart of every side. So... a triple-dog dare made of meat.

The Big Rig, $450, must have party of at least 10 to order, Sweet Cheeks Q, 1381 Boylston St, 617-266-1300

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