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The Great Boston Burger Rush Is Upon Us

None 4 Photos Shake Shack and Griddler’s
With the winter we’ve had, you deserve a new burger spot.

Scratch that.

You deserve two new burger spots within a mile of each other.

So let’s get the ball rolling with the new Shake Shack (left), now open on Newbury Street.

You may know them from: Existing locations in Chestnut Hill and Harvard Square. Also, for being Shake Shack.
The scene: A minimalist burger paradise with wood-beam walls, dark ceramic floors and park-bench-style booths (because the slideshow says so, that’s why).
You’re there for: Bacon-topped SmokeShacks, root beer floats and a location-exclusive concrete with strawberry jam and a cheesecake blondie. (Here’s your menu.)
When it’s finally nice out: You’ll celebrate on their 30-seat patio with wines on tap and probably some type of grilled meat disk.

And our adventure continues with Griddler’s, expected to open next week on Boylston Street.

You may know them from: Their not-very-far-away Beacon Hill location.
The scene: Casual environs with retro-y light fixtures, window-facing wood stools and a big decorative cheeseburger on the wall.
You’re there for: Quarter-pound burgers with Griddler’s sauce, waffle fries and shakes.
When it’s finally nice out: You’ll have a direct supplier of burger-centric picnics on the Common.

(Yogi Bear joke goes here.)

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