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Lobster Rolls and Chowder in Silver Lake

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Somewhere in the frigid waters off the coast of Maine tonight...

A brave lobster gracefully traverses the ocean floor in a courageous adventure that will determine its destiny.

By Wednesday, it will have completed this precarious journey into your lunch.

Salutations to Knuckle & Claw, a polished new East Coast–inspired storefront supplying Sunset with fresh Maine lobster in roll, bisque and grilled cheese forms, opening Wednesday in Silver Lake. (See the slideshow.)

You may have seen them at the farmers’ market. They were the ones stuffing buns with a quarter pound of super-fresh, Maine-expedited lobster claws and knuckles, herbs ground on the spot and organic lemon butter.

Now they’re continuing these activities behind a marble counter in a glass-fronted, subway-tiled little shop that looks like some cosmopolitan sea captain’s quarters. The type you can swing by anytime for a draft beer or glass of wine with your daily recommended allowance of lobster on their plant-forward patio.

So bring a friend. Or bring a phone.

Point is, lobster. And beer.


Knuckle & Claw
3112 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026


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