A Simple Mex-Up

Tacos and Avocado Margs in Gramercy

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Today we bring tidings of great queso.

At Javelina, a tucked-away Gramercy spot where the things you like about Texas and those you like about Mexico come together in post-work dinner form. It’s opening Wednesday.

You don’t get much real Tex-Mex around these parts. Shame, that. Because who’s turning down brisket tacos, three kinds of queso and an avocado margarita? No one you want to be associated with, that’s who.

We see you pulling up to the bar (the one with the javelina—the warthog-looking thing) behind it. And, cold be damned, you’ll request one of 12 different margaritas.

We then see you meeting a few other humans and moving it to a spot on one of the teal pony-hair banquettes. We mention these only because they’re teal pony-hair banquettes. There, you’re furnished with the aforementioned food items, and then some.

Thank you, Texas. Thank you, Mexico.

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