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John Barleycorn’s Secret Club Goes Like This

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. A kiss is just a kiss. And a John Barleycorn in River North is...

A place called Tunnel. At least starting this Friday, it is.

You look confused. Okay, fire away.

Excellent question. See, John Barleycorn, a fine sports bar, felt that you needed more LED light shows and leather couches and giant bottles of vodka on the weekends. So they cordoned off a part of the second floor, and... this.

Do I just enter through Barleycorn or what?
No. Look for the John Barleycorn awning farthest to the right and an up arrow on the door. You’ll be ushered through a tunnel of glowing blue lights and up a winding industrial staircase.

So that’s the tunnel part?
Well, there’s also that motif of London’s famed underground tunnels on the monitors. But mainly, yeah, that’s the tunnel part.

Do I really have to do bottle service?
Yes, if you want a seat. But they have nine draft handles and scotch cocktails like the Burnt Oak if not. Though, when one finds oneself sitting under a cascading 3D light show and listening to some big-name DJ, a bottle of champagne really isn’t a bad way to go.

Mostly because it’s champagne.


151 W Kinzie St
(between LaSalle and Wells)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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