Rum and Charcuterie and General Happiness

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Did you hear that?

Listen closely.

It’s the sound of a new era.

The era of Townsman, a tender love letter to charcuterie and seafood in restaurant form, soft-opening tonight and officially opening tomorrow in Downtown. (Here’s the slideshow and the sample menu.)

This is the work of Matthew Jennings, the guy behind Providence’s much-mourned Farmstead, which he closed in order to return to Boston. We’re sorry, Rhode Island. But not that sorry. Because just look at this...

If you’re about to ask “Is that a giant tile mural of a stout woman feeding a wolf?” then yes. Much yes.

Nod when you see the wild boar’s head.

And this is where the magic happens.

Still magic.

Well, if it isn’t your old friend the Kingston Cup with Pimm’s, Jamaican rum and Szechuan spice.

Pictured: miso chicken terrine, beef cheek rillettes, togarashi-maple salami and blood mortadella. Not pictured: your date’s very pleased face.

This octopus is no longer a threat.

Don’t make any sudden movements. We’ve spotted the elusive Green Girder in its natural habitat of gin, celery juice and lime.

Can you see the mushrooms in this picture? Of course you can’t, because the mushrooms are the ice cream.

(Inception noise.)

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