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Oysters and a Secret Room in Lincoln Park

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You can’t go home again.

It’s true: sadder words have never been spoken.

So for now, the very opposite...

You can go to Harry’s Velvet Room again, because the ’90s institution will emerge anew on Saturday in Lincoln Park.

You’ve probably heard tales of the original Harry’s—that cigar-puffing, martini-swilling den of iniquity set against a backdrop of an emergent Bulls dynasty. Such was Chicago in 1995.

And today, you can experience... some of that. Not the cigars part, obviously. Nor the Bulls part, apparently. But if you want to cozy up with a date at a candlelit table with a dozen oysters and a charcuterie board before a movie at Webster Place, you can do that.

You’ll be amid low-slung marble cocktail tables and a certain elegance that only vintage books and champagne posters can provide. And actual champagne, which you’ll probably want to drink at some point.

But on weekends, when you need a late-night retreat with velvet drapes, tasteful nudes, a working fireplace, a DJ and a secret two-person room, head upstairs. Settle in with a Hanky Panky (gin, vermouth, fernet) or a Penicillin made with scotch, lemon, honey and ginger.

Please hold any “Is it available as a shot” jokes for never.


Harry’s Velvet Room
1480 W Webster Ave
(at Dominick)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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