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February’s finish line is in sight.

Keep going. Almost there.

And as a reward, you’re getting a new breakfast/coffee/wine bar.


It’s Internal Matter, a breakfast spot by morning that’ll become an espresso bar by day before turning into a wine bar by night, hoping to soft-open later this week for morning café service and open open not long after in Fort Point.

Consider this your user’s manual:

For urgent pre-office nourishment.
You’ll come here on a morning when you have just enough time to grab a bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich and a smoothie before productivity beckons. Don’t stop and look at the giant photos of sand and driftwood and stuff taken by the owner. Doing that will make you late. (This is your slideshow.)

For urgent caffeine-related matters.
You need coffee. Bad. Stride up to the long wood-topped bar made out of old tin fire doors and tell them what you need to feel whole again. Espresso works.

For the post-ICA date.
That exhibition on Swedish banjo performance art went over well. Great. All you need now is a little high-top table where you can gaze longingly at each other over glasses of pinot and short ribs.

And roll credits.

(Late Oscars joke.)

(Take care.)


Internal Matter
35 Channel Center St
Boston, MA, 02210


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