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Cinnamon Rolls. Claw-Foot Tubs. Provincetown.

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Let’s answer some reader mail:

“Hey, UrbanDaddy, can you distract me from this soul-crushing winter with a tale about merrymaking on the Cape?” —Phil in Boston

Sure, Phil. But we won’t say “merrymaking.”

The lodging front continues to be splendid with Eben House, a trifecta of historic Provincetown buildings that, together, make one hell of a B&B, now taking reservations for May 15.

1776. Great year for America. It’s also the year when a seafaring gent named Captain Eben Snow decided to build a house. All these years later, it’s joined forces with an adjacent carriage house and an 1850s Victorian to form a united, 14-room sleepery for when long weekends on the Cape are required.

And when that glorious time comes, you’ll have a fireplace, a claw-foot tub and a giant oil portrait of some dashing figure to work with (see the slideshow). Then, after hours of soaking and fireside contemplation, you’ll drift into the perfect sleep. That’s the bed part.

The breakfast part happens in the flora-filled conservatory, where spreads of breakfast tacos and homemade cinnamon rolls would like nothing more than to be eaten on the outdoor brick patio.

Always listen to the cinnamon rolls.


Eben House
90 Bradford St
Provincetown, MA, 02657


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